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How do you repair the heating system?


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The question is a bit vague and very general - as the halogram used to say on Star Trek, state the nature of your emergency? Are you looking for trouble shooting info or how do I replace/repair something? What is the engine temp? does the cooling fan run all the time, do you have a bad heater, heater switch doesn't work, what is the thermostat doing. Did someone steal your heater?


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When it comes to heating equipment maintenance and repairs to your West Side home comfort system, it does not pay to procrastinate. The longer you put off the maintenance, the higher the probability that your heating system will break down or your heating and cooling contractor will be unable to make an emergency repair when you need it. Thats why fall is the best time of the year to have maintenance and repair procedures performed.

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It is important to have a diagram when repairing a heating system in a car. A Mercury Mountaineer heating system diagram can be found in its maintenance manual that can be found at auto part stores.

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