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the 88 may be one of the years that after market Taurus struts will fit in with a conversion package to replace the air bag suspension entirely. The alternative is dealer item only, and very very expensive.

I agree that this system can be expensive BUT: Bagmasters, American Air suspension, Arnott Ind. and Strutmasters all have replacement parts for much less than the dealers. Take a look here -> <- for all the info you could possibly want.

I agree. Go to, Its cheap either way (bags or springs)and you get instructions with any thing you buy. I have put springs all around on My 1989 Mark VII and trust me its easy, while your down there you might want to go ahead and replace struts and shocks.

www.lincolnsonline.comfirst of all the 88 mark seven has a sraight axle a taurus has rear struts a mark7 has rear air springs if your problem is your back end sinks while parked a goes up when started you need to change both rear springs they take about 1 hr to install. if you can tell me what kind of problems you are experiencing i can help you. if the air sprins are over ten years old there shot just look at the rubber cracks from dryrot i also have a place in Florida that has incredable prices for all you needs i could give you info if you just let me know what up i dont make a dime of this i love themk7 i had 7 of them over the years and learned the dealer charges 3000 dollars for a job you can do in one day for 500 bucks thats front and rear call my cell ill help you out 2018703339 gary northern bergen county nj ther are also special places wher wires brake that cause havoc on air suspension. i dont want a dime
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Q: How do you repair the rear air bag suspension on a 1988 Lincoln Mark VII?
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