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what year?

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Q: How do you replace Honda civic car stereo?
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How do you replace front passenger door 97 Honda Civic?

Buy a new car. Who wants a Honda Civic? You should treat yourself.

How do you replace tail lights in 2007 Honda Civic?

go to a car dealer

What are the car stereo wiring codes for a Honda 1995 civic ex?

Go here they have your diagram for free.

How to replace ac belt on a 2000 Honda civic?

Junk the car. Problem solved.

Is a used Honda Civic a car or a truck?

A Honda Civic is a type of car that can be found used. If looking for a truck, this is not the vehicle for you. If looking for a car, then a Honda Civic is a step in the right direction.

How do you replace a 1998 Honda civic power window motor?

don't just replace the window motor replace the whole car. get a hybrid or something

How do you fix 1990 Honda civic daytime running lights?

Daytime running lights on a Honda Civic are the same as normal headlights. To fix or replace them, locate the headlight housing in the front of the car. Remove the plastic housing and replace the bulbs.

Where can one purchase a Honda Civic EK?

One can purchase a Honda Civic EK from several different car sellers. One can purchase a Honda Civic EK from a Honda retailer either new or used. One can also purchase a Honda Civic EK from a used car retailer.

What is the code stereo code for a 2003 Honda civic ex?

go to a Honda dealer needs numbers from the radio for code Go to the Honda Owners link online and register your Honda. After you register your car click the Get Radio/Navi Code. It is free.

What is a Honda Civic car size?

It is considered a compact car.

Honda Civic fast car?

No. not if it is stock.

Is the Honda Civic a popular car?


How much does it cost to replace a Honda civic PCV valve?

The cost to replace a Honda PCV valve runs between $5 and $20. This depends on the car year make, the store and the part brand.

How do you unlock the key if the Honda civic car is not recognising the key?

What year is the Civic?

How do I install a new car stereo in my Honda Civic?

To install a new car stereo in your Honda Civic you will need to have an aftermarket stereo kit specific to the year and model of your car, wirestrippers, screw driver that fits the screws in your dash/old stereo/new stereo, and black electrical tape. First you will remove the dash (which can be more difficult in newer models due to hidden screws) and then the old stereo making sure you disconnect it from the wiring harness. Next put the face on the new stereo and strip the wires on both the old and new wiring harnesses 1/2" from the end. Twist like colored wires together (yellow and red first) and wrap with the black electrical tape. Attach the new wiring harness to the back of the new stereo and push the harness all of the way into the lower portion of the dash. Insert the stereo, screw it in and replace the dashboard cover.

How to Replace fuel pump on 1987 Honda civic?

The fuel pump on a 1987 Honda Civic is easily accessible through the cabin of the car. Remove the rear seats to find a panel that leads to the fuel pump. Lift the panel and unplug the fuel pump. Replace the unit.

What is doch related to a Honda Civic?

I have no idea. All I know is that the Honda Civic is a very good car that sells well.

How do you replace Honda Civic brake light?

this depends on the year of your car and body style but usually it just requires a ratchet or screwdriver.

What type of Honda Civic is the most popular?

According to the Auto Car website, the most popular Honda Civic is the Honda Civic Type R Mugen. The Mugen is a sporty type of Honda Civic with tail wings above the trunk of the vehicle.

What does the key light mean on a Honda Civic?

The key light on a Honda civic is giving whoever is fixing the car a hint as to what the problem with the car is instead of them having to inspect the entire car.

What car will win Honda Civic or Honda S2000?

s2000 would hammer it

Will a 1999 Honda Civic car door fit on a 2001?

will parts from 2001 honda civic 4 door fit a 1999 honda civic hatchback, such as front doors, hood, muffler

Can You Name A car that begins with h?

Honda Civic

1996 Honda Civic dx?

They are a good car.

What is a fuel efficent car?

Honda Civic :D