How do you replace VW Bug torsion bar system?

Your best bet would be to purchase a Haynes manual. Remember... safety first!

Jist: disconnect brake lines,remove hub cap , loosen lug nuts, remove cotter pin and 36 mm, jack up car and secure on jack stands, remove wheel, remove drum brake, remove emergency brake cable, remove the clip holding brakeline and disconnect brakeline from the trailing arm.

remove lower shock mount, notch the trailing arm and spring bar to ease realignment, remove driveshaft.

remove 17 mm Allen nut on trailing arm and the three bolts holding trailing arm to torsion arm... remove trailing arm.

Put a jack under the torsion arm and jack it up until the arm lifts slightly off of the stops. Remove the four bolts and the torsion plate, remove the outter bushing.

IMPORTANT: (do at your own risk) do not get any part of your body underneath the torsion bar while in this position... you could get hurt.

With a prybar, pry the torsion arm past the stops and slowly lower your jack. Once the torsion arm is under no stress, use an angle finder to find the angle (will help with reassembly). Remove the torsion arm and inner bushing. Remove the torsion bar.

Assemble... in reverse probably... haven't done it yet. Hope this helps.