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How do you replace a 1988 Mercedes Benz 300E ignition switch?



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first you have to remove the bezels around the headlight switch and the ignition cylinder. the one around the key simply pulls off. to get the one off from around the light switch, pull the knob until it comes off and there is a nut, size 24mm, the unscrews to remove the bezel. once these are off you can remove the leather dash pad and the plastic kick panel from the under side of the dash.

there is a small gold bolt that is on a cable going into the housing. this is the shiftlock override that keeps the car in park when the key is removed. unscrew this and secure it out of the way.

now on the evaporator housing, behind the radio, there is a rubber cover that comes off just by pulling with a little force. pull on this to remove it and set it to the side. there is a retaining sleeve on the of the ignition. loosen the bolt with a 10mm socket and slide the sleeve to the right. turn the key to position 1. using a small drift punch, push the pin that was exposed when you moved the sleeve out of the way. you can now pull the whole housing out to the right and down out of the steering column.

remove the plastic wiring connector off of the back of the ignition housing and take the housing out of the car. turn it so that you can see the back where the pins are located. there are 3 Phillips head screws inside of the switch. take the screws out and the switch will fall right out of the housing.

to install, follow directions exactly opposite.