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Remarkably easy. get inside and push the rubber gasket out around the edges with your fingers (easiest when it's more than 70 degrees fahrenheit) - it may take a bit of prying with a small flat-head screwdriver to get the very first of it to start pushing through, but once you get started it works around easily with fingers. After pushing the windsheld out, carefully remove the gasket from the old one to avoid damaging it, unless you do not plan to re-use gasket. If you are re-using the gasket, clean the inner and outer grooves of it with a mild gentle soapy water and then install it around the outside of the new windshield. Now, find a long piece of small cotton string just big enough to fit in the groove around the windshield gasket and get some Elmers Glue or equivalent all purpose nontoxic water soluable glue. Mix the glue half-and-half with water, soak the string in it, and then push the string down into the outer groove all the way around the windshield gasket. Leave the 2 ends hanging loose near each other, at the top of the windshield. The glue and friction should hold the rope in place. While the glue is still fresh and wet, set the bottom of the windshield and gasket into place at the base of the windshield opening in the vehicle and ensure that both corners at the bottom are properly set into the inside of the cabin. Lean the windshield toward the vehicle roof and then go inside the cab. Pull the rope ends inside and if you are careful you can begin to pull the lip of the rubber gasket inside with the rope... just the right pull and angle will cause the lip to come inside the cab, holding the windshield in place as well. You may run into some tight parts near the bottom, but they are not hard to pry with your fingers as long as the weather is warm. After it's all in place, pull the rope out the rest of the way (this will be somewhat difficult from the bottom but not horrible) and you are finished. It can be done by a first-timer in under an hour with minimal effort.

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Q: How do you replace a 1988 Trooper windshield?
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