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How do you replace a blower motor on a 1991 Ford Mustang LX 5.0L?


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2015-07-15 20:47:01
2015-07-15 20:47:01

I am answering my own question. Just did this over the weekend. Take out the glove box. Take out the kick panel. Disconnect blower harness(the one with the orange wire)from the front, not the motor side! Remove vaccum line. Remove bolt holding blower assembly to frame (near top of dash). Remove two bolts holding blower assembly to heater core assembly. Remember how everything fits for reassembly. Slide blower assembly down. Take assembly off the car and unbolt blower motor. Reverse to assemble. someone in the future.

Thanks for the info. I'm going to be removing my heater blower this weekend.


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The heater blower motor can be found beneath the passenger side dashboard. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the blower motor. Remove the blower motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new blower motor.

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Look in the e38 forum and it will give you a detailed account of how to do itType your answer here...

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Open the bonnet, remove the scuttle cover, wiper motor, and finally blower motor.

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faulty blower module. Under hood not far from blower motor

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The blower motor is located on the passenger side up under the glove box.

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