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I purchased a set of plastic ramps and the replacement bulbs (No:880) from a local parts store. Some of the metal ramps are too high and will rub the bottom spoiler. Anyway, drive your car on the ramps, place transmission in park, and set your parking break. Block the rear tires for safety sakes! Under the front, locate the back of the fog lamps. You will see where the wires attach to a plug. Notice the relationship of the plug to the back of the lamp. While holding the plug only - gently rotate the plug clockwise a quarter turn you should feel the plug release. Carefully withdraw the plug in which the light is attached to straight out. Separate the bad light from the plug. Place in the new light. Avoid touching the glass of the new light! Dust, debris, and oil from your skin will cause premature failure. Should you accidentally touch the glass - clean it with a lint free soft cloth and rubbing alcohol. Installation is reverse of removal. Take your time and good luck!

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Q: How do you replace a burned out fog light on a 1997 Grand Prix Gt?
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