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Tools: 8 mm socket, 10 mm socket

Equipment: Replacement EGR Valve, Replacement EGR Gasket (metallic)

1. Disconnect the electrical fitting attached to the EGR valve. You will need to unlock it (red tab) and then depress the latch near the rear of the fitting before sliding it off.

2. Disconnect the vacuum tube connected to the top of the EGR valve using an 8 mm socket. It may be easier to remove the entire vacuum tube by diconnected it at the top of the engine as well (also 8 mm).

3. Using a universal socket joint (I found using a 1/4" drive was necessary to get the clearances around the alternator), remove the 2 bolts holding the EGR valves to the exhaust manifold of the engine using a 10 mm socket. The bottom bolt is a very tight clearance.

4. Remove the valve and gasket.

5. To install, reverse the steps using the new EGR Valve and EGR Gasket.

6. The 10 mm bolts should be torqued to 225 in-lbs

7. The 8 mm bolts that fasten the vacuum tube to the EGR valve should be torqued to 100 in-lbs.

Tip: I have found that if you loosen the alternator mounting bolts, you can get just a little more wiggle room to get a socket on the bottom bolt.

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Q: How do you replace a egr valve on a Dodge Grand Caravan?
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