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I just changed one on a 98 Maxima. Jack up the right side so the tire is about 2 inches off the ground and put a stand under the frame rail. Take off the plastic splash shield off behind the tire. You have to loosen 3 bolts. The one that is the most pain is behing the Power Steering pump. You need to lay on your back way under the middle of the engine and use a 3/8 drive ratchet with an extention about 2 feet long and a swivel. I think it was a 14 mil. With a light you can see the 1 bolt on the back side of the power steering pump. Just loosen it a little. The other bolt is reached also from underneith behind the tire, I think it's a 12 mil. Then there is one on the bottom, that loosens and lets the power steering pump swing down and the big belt comes off. The little belt comes off by loosening the bolt in the middle of the tensioner pully and then from up top you either tighten or loosen the bolt to move the tensioner. It's really not a bad job.

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Q: How do you replace a fan belt on a 1987 Maxima?
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How do you change the fan belt for a 1996 Nissan Maxima?

There is no fan belt. The fan is electric.

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There is no fan belt on a Mazda Miata.

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There is no fan belt on a Miata, it is cooled by electric fans.

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There is no fan belt in a 95 Camry

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It cost nothing. There is no fan belt.

Why does fan belt screech on fiat punto?

replace the belt or adjust it

How do you replace the fan belt on a 97 Camaro?

the 1997 camaro doe's not have a fan belt it has a serpentine belt that you can change in about 5 min.

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remove the old belt and remove your trouser's belt off and put into the fan

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replace fan belt on citron dispatch 02 hdi

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it is no suh a thing is fan belt on 2002 corolla

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Need to know how to replace fan belt on a case 40 xt

How do you tighten the fan belt on a Chevy Silverado?

If it is a serpentine belt you replace the tensioner pulley

Where is the 2003 Nissan maxima fan motor resistor?

On my 1997 maxima I had to replace it and found it in the air intake to the fan. this was under the dash. Its on a PC board and the air passing overit keeps it cool. Bob.

How do you change my own serpentine belt?

Take off fan shroud and fan. Loosen belt tensioner. When you take of belt remember how it went on and just replace.

How do you install the fan belt on a 1993 Chevy S10?

how do you replace fan belt on 95 Chevy S-10 2.2 engine

How should it cost to replace a fan belt on a 1988 Honda CRX?

theres no fan belt on front wheel drive motors. only a fan motor

How many fan belts are in a 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Fan Power steering Alternator?

you should have three belts total. Going from the fan towards the distributer the first belt should be the power steering, then the actual fan belt, then the third belt is the alternator / a/c belt, i hope this is helpful for you! So for the answer to your question, there is one fan belt, the second belt in from the fan!

How do you replace fan belt 1991 mitsubishi3000?

they have electric fans

How do you change fan belt on rav 4?

To change fan belt on a Rav 4, remove the bolt in front of the engine. Loosen the pulley and gently pull away the fan belt. Replace with new.?æ

How do you replace a fan belt on a 2001 suzuki esteem?

If it's anything like a 1996 esteem there is no fan belt. It has an electric fan. Check for a bad relay in the fuse box under the hood first ( they are cheap to replace, about 10 bucks). Then try the fan motor.

How to replace a fan belt on a john deere 450C dozer?

Remove the alternator and disconnect the hydraulic pump the belt will fit over the fan. Then reconnect

The radiator fan turns off on your 1999 Maxima causing the engine temperature to get hot Is it the thermostat If so what are the directions to replace?

i would replace fan relay, before replacing thermostat. the relay acts as a thermostat for the fan, turning fan on and off when needed

How do you replace the fan belt on a 2004 Honda Odyssey?

Honda Odyssey 2004 has not got fan belt. It has got 3 ( three ) belts - timing, power steering and alternator A/C belt.

How do you tighten a fan belt on a 1991 Cadillac De ville?

you replace the spring tensioner or the belt because there are no adjustments.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2007 Nissan maxima?

The oil filter on a 2007 Nissan Maxima is on the front of the engine. It is down low, near the undercarriage under the pulleys that control the alternator and fan belt.