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How do you replace a fog light bulb in a 2005 Subaru?


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2007-04-22 18:21:25
2007-04-22 18:21:25

You will have to access the fog light bulb from below the vehicle. Remove the plastic clips from the wheel well cover extension that is below the fog light. Once the clips are out and the plastic cover is pull down, you should be able to see the back of the fog light. You can try to replace the fog light bulb now or remove the two 10mm bolts and slide the fog light assemble out through the front of the bumper. Turn the cover of the rear of the fog light and replace light.


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Depending on which bulb you need, either the local auto parts store or your Subaru dealer's parts department.

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2005 Subaru Baja tail light bulb replacement: Purchase the correct replacement tail light bulb(s) first, before disassembling the vehicle. See sources and related links below for replacement bulb information. Then consult your owner's manual for the tail light bulb replacement procedure. As simple as it sounds, the owner's manual is the best place to start for bulb replacement instructions and illustrations. You may want to consider replacing both left and right at the same time in order to keep brightness and color equal (optional).

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Open the hatch door and locate the two screws holding the tail light assembly and pull the assembly out of the housing. Unscrew the cover assembly, remove and replace the bulb. Reinsert assembly and replace screws

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I was told by the Parts Dept. at my local Subaru dealer that two types of fog lamp bulbs were used on the 2005 Subaru Forester. A "H3" bulb or a "9006" bulb. The only way to know for sure which bulb you have is to pull the Fog Lamp assembly.

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To replace a light bulb, you have to: if its in the front, you have to open up the hood and look for the screws that are connected to the lights. For the back, you have to: open the trunk, and unscrew the light bulb, open it up and replace it.

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