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drill a hole in it install a screw and pry it out then drive in a new one

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Q: How do you replace a freeze plug on a 93 Ford Ranger?
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How do you replace freeze plug 1999 Ford Taurus?

How do you replace freeze plug 1999 Ford Taurus?

Replace freeze plug on a 1998 ford Windstar?

Replace freeze plug in a 1998 ford windstar ?

How do you replace spark plug wires for a 1987 Ford Ranger?

Pull them out and replace them one at a time.

How do you replace a freeze plug in a 1995 Ford Aerostar?

take a large screw driver and a hammer tap the old freeze plug in the block,replace it with a rubber freeze plug.tighten the rubber freeze plug with a wrench..the metal freeze plug that you pushed inside the block will not hurt anything..hope this helps!!!!

Would a cracked freeze plug make a ford ranger not start?

It shouldn't you will just lose water from it

Freeze plug 1997 Ford Escort?

how many freeze plug at 1997 ford escort

How to change Ford ranger automatic transmission?

Remove the Ford Ranger automatic transmission drain plug. The drain plug is in the bottom of the transmission. Allow the oil to drain out and replace the plug. Fill the transmission with new transmission fluid.

What location does the threaded block heater install on a 2.3L 4 cylinder Ford Ranger 2002?

Usually lower rear freeze plug on passenger side Usually lower rear freeze plug on passenger side

Where is the freeze plug on a 94 ford ranger?

lots of freeze plugs along bottom side of engine block on rear of block behinf fly wheel on engine heads

How do i change the freeze plug on driver's side on a 2.8 v6 engine on a 1988 ford bronco 2 xlt?

Locate the bad freeze plug and remove parts that impede the facilitation of reaching the plug. Take a screwdriver and hammer out the old plug. Replace the plug with either a regular plug (a socket that fits the inside of the freeze plug helps) or a rubber expanding freeze plug.

2003 Ford Ranger Spark plug type?

The spark plug number that is in my 2003 Ford Ranger XLT is: AGSF34FP - Motorcraft.

Where is the freeze plug on 1999 ford ranger 4.0?

I believe there are 3 on each side of the engine block , and there may be others I don't know about

Spark plug gap for 1983 Ford Ranger 2.8liter engine?

The spark plug gap for a 1983 Ford Ranger 2.8L is .044"

Torque spec on the oil drain plug on a 3.0 Ford Ranger?

torque spec on the oil drain plug on a 2.9 ford ranger?

Freeze plug location on 1998 Ford Taurus?

The freeze plug on a 1998 Ford Taurus is located on the front of the engine block. It prevents the engine from cracking should the coolant freeze.

Mechanic cost to replace a freeze plug on a Chevy elcamino?

how much does a mechanic charge to replace a freeze plug on a chevy el camino 8.0

Where is the freeze plug at on a 1977 ford pickup?

do I have to drain the water and oil first before I remove the freeze plug

How do you remove and replace the freeze plug on a 1996 Ford Bronco?

You have to remove the engine and get freeze plugs pressed in. If you use a rubber plug which have a brass face and bolt in. Remember that they are a temporary fix and will come out if your engine over pressureizes.

Torque specs. for 1990 Ford Ranger 4.0L?

spark plug gap on 1990 ford ranger 4.0?

What is the spark plug gap for a 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0L?

.044 inch for the 3.0 liter in a 2002 Ford Ranger

How much would it cost to replace a freeze plug on a 1993 cutlass?

It would depend on which freeze plug. Some are easy and some are not.

How do you hook up your plug wires on a 1988 Ford Ranger?

I'd replace the wires on at a time. I have a special plug wire puller pliers that helps to avoid breaking the wires if you can't get them off the sparks plug.

What is spark plug gap for 2.3 ford ranger?

For what year ?

Is there a freeze plug on a ford 390 engine?

Yes there are freeze plug(S) on a ford 390. There is more then one on each side though I don't recall how many, I believe there are 6.

How do you replace a freeze plug on a 3.0 liter ford engine?

I cannot direct you how - however, I can say I had my freeze out plug go (and there are four) on my 1998 Ford Taurus. They are easy to replace as my mechanic said; however, in my car - due to the location - behind engine - the trans had to be removed. I got 3 quotes ranging from $750 - $1300. Might as well service the trans at that point as well and replace the other plugs.