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There are four bolts attached to the frame, on either side of the block by your fan belt, it will take some muscle to bust those loose.

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Q: How do you replace a front bumper on a 1993 Toyota pick up truck?
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Neither the front or rear bumper of a 1989 Chevrolet truck will fit on a 1989 Dodge truck. The bolt patterns are different and will not line up.

How much to replace injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r?

To replace the injectors in 86 Toyota truck 22r, simply refer to your user and service manual.

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How do I contact Toyota's main headquarters?

What i would like to know is why do the Toyota Tacoma 2011 model trucks have a plastic front bumpers that have no protection at all. You would thing paying a high price for a truck you could have done better. The truck is not worth what i had to pay for it. 18,640.00 if you all can't make a medial front bumper for the 2011 Tacoma truck then you should be made to buy it back

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