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How do you replace a headlamp bulb in a 1997 Mazda Protege?


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2008-12-23 19:40:49
2008-12-23 19:40:49

OK - I just replaced one on my dad's car - it's pretty easy. First unplug the wire - squeeze in on the right and left side of the plug to release the clips and the pull it straight back. Now you can remove the outer rubber boot - just pull on the tab on top to get it started. Now you can see the spring clip that holds the bulb in. Just grab the clip and wiggle it around while pulling it towards you. (towards the driver side of the car) The spring clip will pivot out of the way when you have unhooked it. Now just pull the bulb straight out without rotating it. Then install the new bulb* - align the 3 tabs on the bulb with the 3 on the socket, swing the spring clip back over and hook it, put the rubber boot back on, and plug in the new bulb. That's it!

*Since it is a halogen bulb, it is best not to touch the glass with your bare skin during installation.


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