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Hi, If you're talking about the bulb, all you do is turn the locking ring/cap and gently pull the bulb out from the back. Remove the bulb and replace (don't touch the bulb with your fingers) with a new 9004 bulb. When you remove the bulb, be careful not to lose the wave washer if your requires one ( those made in Canada require a wave washer). If your locking cap is just loose and doesn't lock tightly, then you most likely need the wave washer available from your local Suzuki dealer. I tried GM and they said there were none in the country so I went to my Suzuki dealer. Part # 35177-60AB0 about $3.53. If it's the entire headlight assy then start by removing the bulb. The rest of the assy looks as if you need to remove the grill first to get at some screws and be able to remove and reinstall the assy. I've gone out to mine and looked this over. There are some screws on the inside of the engine area, well at least under the hood at the headlight assy. It looks to be a rather straightforward removal and installation. I just would look for prts at a salvage yard (junkyard) or whatever they call it in your area, even auto reclamation area, they all do the same thing. You may have to remove it yourself or they may do it, I've found it varies but I've been able to re-equip my '97 with quite a few things that way. E-Bay is the other place for a complete headlight assy, just try and not pay too much if you go that way. I've also replaced my bulbs (9004) with the Sylvania Ultra and love them, again, just be careful and not touch them. If you get body oil or a fingerprint on a halogen bulb, the bulb gets hotter at the place where you touch it. The light pattern is not correct and the life of the bulb is shortened because it burns hotter at that point and can dramaticly shoten the bulb life. Well, good luck and I hope this helps if you haven't already done all this. Steve H.

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Q: How do you replace a headlight on a 1997 Geo Tracker?
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