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Replacing the bearings isn�t too complicated, but replacing the hub assemblies (with bearings pre-installed) is much easier, and costs only a few dollars more per wheel. I recently bought a pair of rear hubs for my 1995 LX sedan (225,00 miles and still going strong) and installed both left and right in less than 90 minutes. Since the bearings sold for $40/ wheel and the hubs with new bearings already pressed-in cost $65/ wheel, the extra $30 was worth avoiding the hassle of removing the old bearings and fussing with the delicate installation of the new ones. For rear wheel bearings do the following: 1) Loosen the lug nuts on a rear wheel. 2) Chock the wheels and jack the rear of the car on the side with the lug nuts that you just loosened. 3) Remove the wheel by removing the lug nuts. 4) Pry open the dust cap covering the center of the axle/spindle. A small screwdriver tapped into the space between the hub and dust cap will work well for this. 5) With the dust cap now removed, use a thin center punch to straighten the little dent in the rim of the axle nut so that you will be able to turn it freely in the next step. 6) Use a 32mm socket and a large breaker-bar to loosen the axle nut. Unscrew the nut all the way and place it in a clean, safe area. 7) You should now be able to slide the hub/bearing assembly from the shaft. 8) Installation is the reverse of removal. Use plenty of high-temperature wheel bearing grease on all surfaces before you mount the replacement hub assembly. Torque the axle nut to 134 ft/lbs. (check the manual, this figure could be wrong.) When reinstalling the dust caps, tap them gently into place to avoid denting them. Front bearings are my next project for the 1995, and I�ve read that they�re much more difficult. Plus, no one seems to sell replacement front knuckles with bearings already pressed into them.

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Q: How do you replace a hub bearing on a 1993 Honda Civic LX?
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