How do you replace a left turn signal bulb on a 1998 Chevy Corvette?

I have a 2002 and am going through this now . I finally figured it out . Open the hood, by the headlight there is knob to manually open the headlight. remove the rubber cover and turn the knob (many times) to raise the headlight . Now you should be able to see the socket for the bulb, its a white plug down pretty low . The problem now is getting it out . IF you have large hands, remove the 3 screws from the plastic cover around the headlight and reach between the hood and down to the socket , it turns clockwise to remove . If you have small hands you can try this (it worked for me) . Reach in the air duct for the brake on the front of the car , the plastic ducting will move out of the way and you can see the plug and remove it . If you can jack up the car , I'm told it easy to remove the wheel and inner fender skirt and get to it that way . Good Luck .