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How do you replace a passenger side window in a 1995 4 door Jeep Cherokee?


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2006-10-28 14:53:27
2006-10-28 14:53:27

* this is easy... first take the inside door panel off the door, and then take off the plastic insulation. Unbolt the old window from the regulator, slip the old window out of the door. you then place the new window in the door bolting it back onto the regulator, and there you have it a new window installed. Just make sure your weather striping is in the right place, you dont want water getting in. (If you have trouble getting the old window out, you can smash it. However, it gets messy and if you dont know how to take the old window out, how do you plane getting the new one in?) * You also have to remove the vent window to slip out the old window and replace the new one.


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