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These bearings are built into the hubs and sealed at the factory. If the bearing's gone, the whole hub assembly has to be replaced.

Block the wheels, loosen lug nuts, jack up the car, remove wheel and brake drum, etc. Pry off hub cover. Unscrew hub nut and pull out thrust washer (make sure to get a new thrust washer with your new hub), and the whole hub should come right out.

When reassembling, torque the hub nut to 134 ft-lbs (don't try to do this against the parking brake; use a bar across two of the lug studs, secured or braced with the lug nuts).

Or, you can buy the Bearings separately and have them pushed in at a local machine shop. this may or may not save you some money depending on access and pricing of the bearing and the shop charge.

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Q: How do you replace a rear wheel bearing in a 97 Honda Accord?
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