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Disconnect the battery, Remove the door panel, vapor barrier plastic, power window connections, and I would remove the entire regulator assembly with motor attached. It helps to have someone hold the window as it drops inside of the door. Some motors are riveted to the regulator at the factory, so if it is I would obtain a good used assembly at a salvage yard. I have done these in a couple hours. Looks harder then it is.

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Q: How do you replace a window motor on a 1993 GMC Jimmy?
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How do you replace power window motor on 1993 Sunbird?

power window motor removal 93 sunbird

Windows slowed down and quit 1993 Saturn?

check your fuses, if not, replace the window motor located in the door.

How do you replace a broken window cable on a 1993 Mercedes SC400?

You will have to remove the door panel and replace the regulator assembly. In some cases it comes as an assembly with the motor.

How do you replace the driver side window motor on a 1993 Saturn SL1?

The outer and inner door panels on the door must come off. FRom there you have access to the rivets holding the motor to the door. Break the rivets and replace with the new motor. The new motor should come with bolts if from the dealer.

How do you replace the window regulator on a 1993 Ford F150?

What question

Why would a 1993 Oldsmobile ciera power window go down and not back up?

Most likely the window motor is dieing. If you want to replace it you can. It is not easy but it is possible to fix. Remove the door panel. Find the motor and drill out the rivets or get the old motor out by any means necessary. Unplug the motor Bolt in your new window motor and plug it back it. Before you replace the door panel, turn your car back on and make sure that the window motor is working. If it works replace the door panel. If not check the fit of the motor and the wiring. takes about 3 hours your first time if you have all the tools you need and know how to get the door panel off.

How do you change the power window motor on the 1993 aerostar?

how do you change a window motor on a 93 aerostar or can you please tell me how to get the windows down without the motor... my e-mail is

How do you remove a window motor from a 1993 Chevrolet 1500 pickup?

you have to drill out the rivets

How do you replace a driver side window for a 1993 ford escort not a power window just a regular manual window?

take the door apart remove all old parts and replace its just that easy

How do you fix a knocking fan motor on a 1993 Chevy truck?

You will have to replace it. The bearings are worn out in the blower motor.

How do you replace driver side window in 1993 Chevy astro van?

How do i change the window on a 95 chevy astro van

Where is the egr valve on 1993 jimmy?

Should be at the front of the motor under the air breather on your intake.

Where is the Thermostat on a 1993 GMC jimmy?

its located beneath the air intake on the front side of the motor

Left rear passenger power window stuck open on 1993 jeep grand Cherokee don't hear motor. how do you figure out if it is the motor switch or off track how do you replace if motor?

THIS IS ALL I HAVE, MABE IT WILL GET THE BALL ROLLING FOR YOU..BUT YES GET A USED MOTOR IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS. YOU GONNA NEED THAT WINDOW.. lower window to down position(if you can) remove door panel remove window weather stripping remove black window surround (should be a screw on top of surround towards back edge) then stationary window should unbolt then remove pins that hold operator to track pick up and pull out the operating window

How do you replace the left power window motor on a 1993 Honda accord LX?

Buy and replace it. depending on how bad it is i would just replace it, those motors are not trustworthy most of the time, so just buy a brand new one and install it, saves the worry of it not working agian.

Where is the window motor on a 1993 ford explorer?

Inside the door.. usually held on by large rivets.

Where is the motor for the drivers side back window in a 1993 Chrysler Le baron?

Inside that door.

To change the drivers side power window motor on a 1993 Mercury Capri are there compatible parts you can use or do you have to use that specific motor?

check on eBay for a power window motor. from what i have heard its only 1991 -1994 mercery capri only

How you fix 1993 la saber motor mounts on the bottom?

There is no fixing a broken motor mount. Replace them with a new ones.

How do you replace the blower motor in a 1993 Camaro?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1993 Chevrolet Camaro blower motor. Remove the blower motor retaining nuts. Remove the fan from the front of the blower motor. Reverse the process to install the new blower motor.

How do you change the driver side window motor on 1993 Ford Mustang?

Pull the door panel off remove old motor and replace with new if you need more help a chiltons auto repair manual is worth a million buck go get one for your car

How do you replace 1993 gmc vandura window lift motor?

This is probably one of the most tedious and painstaking things I have done on my 2500. First of all remove ALL the door panels, you should see an oval in the door right where a window crank handle would go, the motor is bolted to the back of this by either one nut and two bolts or one bolt and two nuts which you can barely see, you have to remove these (the painstaking part) and push the motor away from the mechansim, keep in mind that you have to secure the window before removing the motor or it will drop once the motor is removed and could cause damage to both the window and your arm!

How do you replace windshield wiper motor on 1993 Chevy S10 pickup?

Very Carefully

You have a 1993 Mustang 2.3 liter and your driver side power window will not work it doesn't even make a noise.?

Just replace the motor, it has a short. Motor's not that expensive and will save you alot of time just replacing. Go to to a junk yard, they are a decent price there. ($30 - $50)

How do you replace the window crank handle on a 93 Geo Prism?

To replace the window crank handle on the 1993 Geo Prism, first remove the interior door panel. Then, access the screw that holds the window crank in place and remove it. You can then remove the handle itself.