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on My 1984 LeSabre, I found that there is a tab near where the wiper arm mounts to the pivot. If you bent the wiper arm back and pull the tab out with a pliers your can then remove the wiper arm. After you put the new one one you have push the tab back in. It has to go far enough in for the spring to be able to pull the wiper against the window.

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Q: How do you replace a wiper arm?
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Why does your wiper not work only in top position?

1. Bad Wiper Blade(s). 2. Improperly connected to wiper arm. See related link for troubleshooting. 3. Wiper Blade is binding on wiper arm for some other reason other than improperly installed. 4. Improper Wiper Arm Tension - clean and lubercate wiper arm hinge area at base of arm near hood. Replace spring if cleaning and lubercating doesn't work. 5. Bent wiper arm. BE CAREFUL HERE - THIS IS A LAST RESORT. Try bending arm back or replace arm.

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To replace the blade, it just unclips and the new blade clips on. To replace the wiper arm, the black cap at the base of the arm pops up and the arm can be unbolted.

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Pop off the cap over the base of the wiper arm. Undo the nut .... replace arm. 10 minutes. If you order the new style wiper arm kit for 2007 and up it works way better! Trailblazer enthusiasts forum run by true enthusiasts!

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No, just replace it.

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Do you mean arm or wiper blade assembly attached to the arm? Totally different procedures but unfortunately you'll have to talk to your dealer for either.

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