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How do you replace a wiper motor on a 1990 grand prix?


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remove front cowling remove plug to motor. remove rod arm from motor. remove two bolts holding in on. while it is apart changing the wiper bushing may be a good idea. install in reverse.

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If you need a wiper motor auto zone or advance auto parts should carry this.

If the windshield wipers are not working on a 1990 Chevy Lumina, the problem could be with the wiper motor, the wiper motor relay, or a fuse. The least expensive fix to this problem will be replacing the fuse if it is blown.

Check fuse then check wiper motor has them and so does O'Reilly's auto parts A Chrysler dealer should be able to get them.

It is inside of the wiper motor. Remove the 2 or 3 screews that's on the black cover that's on the front of the wiper motor and unplug the electrical connector. Remove the cover and then pull the module board out. Real easy no problem.

Auto Zone has instructions here:

the best way is to unbolt the windshield and fold it down on to the hood. under where the windshield meets the body is where all the wires and stuff is at. its about a 30 min job.

The governor for the wipers is located near the fuse box. It is wired to the harness going to the wiper switch.

The wiper motor is on the high side of the passenger firewall in the engine bay. It is silver and has a large black cylindrical shape piece on the side. It has 3 bolts securing it to the firewall and one nut on the backside securing the wiper linkage.

The 1987-1993 Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan takes 18" replacement windshield wiper blades on both sides front. 1987-1990 takes a 16" rear wiper and 1991-1993 takes an 18" rear wiper.

depends on what motor is in both of them are they both 4cyle or 6cyle

yes it should bolt right up as well as the original motor and tranny

to the left of the wiper motor, a vacum hose and electrical connections are attacted to it

you have to remove the panle on the outside of the jeep between the hood and the windshield. 4 screws.

You can purchase a Haynes Manual from a parts store or a bookstore and it will be specific to your car.

clean out or replace the throttle body spacer...

on the rear exhaust manifold, directly behind the motor

I would say that a short in the wiring or a defective wiper switch is more likely to cause this than the motor.

The Ford Explorer was produced from the years 1990 to present. The wiper motor pulse board module in a 1998 Ford Explorer 4.0 L is located on the firewall, behind the engine in the middle.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee didn't exist until 1993.

It should be located inside the engine compartment mouted toward the top of the fire wall

1. Determine if the motor is working or not. With the engine off, turn on the wipers and listen for motor running. If the wiper motor is running, the problem may be with the linkage. 2. To check linkage, remove the wiper arms from the shafts (fold arms away from windshield, move out locking tab, then take arm off the splined shaft by rocking or gently prying). Then remove the cowling by taking out 7 Phillips head sheet metal screws. Look at the linkage to see if it might be broken or if the linkage has come off the plastic bushing on the wiper motor. (this is what I discovered today on my 1990 Dakota and now I need to find just the plastic bushing. 3. If the motor is not running, first check the fuse. Replace fuse if it is blown. If not, the motor most likely needs replaced.

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