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How do you replace an alternator on a 2002 Honda CR-V ex?



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I am not a mechanic however my brother knows about car and he helps me replace my crv 2002 alternator.Always remove negative battery cable. Remove serpentine belt,tensioner, and disconnect one end of power steering the end that goes to the pump. Have a rug ready cause some fluid spill from the hose. Get it out of the way - power steering pump - without disconnecting the whole unit. Remove the bolt on top of radiator bracket - loosening the radiator unit. Pull out the coolant reservoir and put it on top of the engine without disconnecting it. Now you have 3 bolts on the alternator. One on top and two at the bottom/front - side by side. Remove the alternator ground, bracket and the connector which are all on the right side of the alternator. It is a little trickier to pull out the alternator but with patience you should be able to pull it out with proper angling on the left side where the steering pump is. Good luck!