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How do you replace an electric passenger side mirror on a 2000 Grand Am?

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2015-07-16 19:32:38
2015-07-16 19:32:38

When I bought my 2000 Grand Am, it had a broken passenger side power mirror. This is what you do: 1) Open your passenger side door and at the location where the mirro is outside but inside is a plastic triangular piece, pop this piece off (you can just pry it with a screwdriver or something and it will come loose) 2) Disconnect the wiring of the old mirror at the "clip" (it is clearly visible) 3) unscrew the 3 nuts holding on your mirror 4) take your new mirror and put on and screw in the 3 nuts 5) now hook up the wiring with clip but make sure that when you put clip in place that the colors of the wires matchup or your new power mirror motor will screw up 6) Now just put the triangular plastic piece back on and your done!

You just need to get inside the door. There are a lot of sharp edges in there that can do bodily harm so be careful/ Good Luck, Joe

This is my story of changing the motors on a 97 SE, I'm not sure how similar it will be to yours...

I started by taping the window to the window frame using packing tape. I have tinted windows so I put the tape on the outside of the window and over the doorframe. Put something between the tape and the rubber trim, the tape will leave residue on that. Then loosen the two bolts that hold the window to the regulator. Disconnect the wire harness at the top of the motor. Then drill out the four big rivets, starting with a 1/8 inch then 1/4 inch bits. I used Craftsman Zirconium Nitride Coated Drill Bits. Go slow and shoot a little WD-40 to help, it takes a while to get them out. When the last rivet falls out, the regulator will collapse so mind your fingers. Try not to make the actual hole in the metal any bigger that it already is. Then remove the two bolts that go to the bottom of the regulator. The whole assembly will now slide out one of the big holes in the sheet metal, and no, you don't need to cut any metal. You can buy the motor with a new regulator already assembled, or just the motor. I got just the motor on eBay for $40. There are cheaper ones but I wanted a good one. If you just get the motor, you'll have a little more work. Drill out the four rivets holding it on to the regulator. You can either rivet the new one on or just use four small machine screws, that's what I did. It won't hurt to put a little grease in the tracks now either. Slide the whole assembly back in and attach the two bottom bolts then the two that hold the window to the regulator. Attach the wire harness and power the motor back and forth until one of the holes that you removed the rivets from is in alignment with the holes in the new motor. Now the tough part, getting the fat little bolts in those holes and getting a nut on it. I think I used 1/4 X 3/4 inch bolts. I got them at Home Depot. If you want to spend the money, you can get the big rivets and a big rivet gun, but I didn't think it was worth it. I've had the one window in for over a year with just the 3 bolts and it's holding fine. You can only access 3 holes in the motor if you're using bolts to attach it. If while drilling out the rivets you made the holes bigger, you may need to use a washer. Get one in, then power the motor a little at a time until the other holes are lined up and get at least three bolts in. Get them as tight as you can using locking nuts. Try putting the bolt in from either direction to see which way works best. The first time I did this, it took me over 4 hours. The second window, 90 minutes. Now you can go through the drive thru again.

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Begin by removing the inside passenger door panel. Remove the wiring harness from your passenger side electric mirror. Remove the mirror retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new electric passenger side mirror.

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Go to this website. It will show how to replace the side mirror.

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call the dealer and have someone wish you some luck

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Depends what is wrong. On most of these you have to replace the entire part.

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