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just unplug old and plug in new. the evap can should be behind the passenger side of the front bumper. you an move it to the engine compartment if needed. i did since i made my own bumper. john

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โˆ™ 2006-07-12 20:26:50
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Q: How do you replace an evaporator in a 2000 Cherokee sport was told it has a leak?
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How do you replace evaporator for 2000 Jeep Cherokee?

You have to tear the dash apart to get to the evaporator.

What does it cost to replace the ac evaporator in a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?

Check eBay, Google, and your local parts stores and dealers. Prices can vary.

How much to replace a water pump on a 2000 jeep sport Cherokee?


What drivetrains interchange with 96 Cherokee sport?

1996-2000 Cherokee.

Will 2007 Grand Cherokee 16 alum wheels fit a 2000 Cherokee Sport?

Your 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 16 inch aluminum wheels will fit on to the 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Any wheel larger than 16 inches will not yet on to the 2000 Cherokee.

How do your replace the thermostat on a 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

how do u replace a thermostat on a 2000 mitusbishi montero sport

How do you change the oil pump in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0?

Remove the oil pan and you will see the oil pump. Simply replace it.

What kind of rear brakes do you have on your 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?

A 2000 Jeep Cherokee would have rear drum brakes.

Does a 2000 Cherokee sport have a timing belt or chain?


Cost of timing belt replacement on 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport 2000?

timing chain not belt don't replace if it is not making noise i have had over 200k miles and never replaced on

How does the belt for fan and water pump go on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 6 cylinder?

How does the belt for fan and water pump go on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 6 Cylinder?

Will a 93 Jeep Cherokee engine fit a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

no. the wiring and computers are different.

Where can you get a fuse diagram for a Jeep Cherokee Sport 2000 Mine is missing?

== == == == == ==

How do you replace the evaporator in a 99 Ford Windstar 3.8L?

I don't know how to do it, but the dealer is charging me $2075.00 to replace it on my 2000 Windstar!

Where is the expansion valve in a 2000 Montero sport?

the expansion valve is connected to the evaporator under the dash, have fun!!!

How do you reprogram my alarm remote for my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

How do you replace the computer on a 2000 montero sport

How do you replace an AC Evaporator on a 2000 Dakota?

pull the whole entire dash 1300 dollars

How do you replace a evaporator core on a 2000 camry?

get good insurance and take it for a swim and get a real car.

What is the fuel tank capacity of a 2000 Jeep Cherokee sport?

20 Gallons.

What type of Oil should be used in a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport?


What type of oil should you use for your Jeep 2000 Cherokee Sport?


Will 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic rims fit a 1993 Cherokee sport?

yes they will. as long as both jeeps have stock axles.

What is the wheel lug pattern for a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4?

5 on 4.5

What oil filter is needed for a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Mopar number 5281090

Where can you find the blower resistor for a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero and is it hard to replace?

It is on the evaporator case and is held in with 2 screws.