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How do you replace an ignition switch for a Saturn SL1?

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disconnect battery, remove the panel underneath the the steering column, disconnect airbag- yellow clip. remove the plastic housing over steering wheel, turn key to ACC position, on the top and to the right side of the switch there is a small hole with a button in it, press the button and the switch should slide right out. To replace the new one, make sure key is turned to the ACC position and everything will line up.

2008-05-05 19:04:26
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How do you replace the ignition module in a 2000 Saturn SL1?

The module is in the dist. Simply remove and reinstall it.

Where is the emergency cutoff switch on a 1994 Saturn sl1?

There is NO emergency cutoff switch on ANY s-series. The ignition key is the only "switch"

How do you remove the headlight to replace the bulbs on a 2000 Saturn sl1?

How can I replace the headlamp on a 2000 Saturn SL1

What do you do if your 1997 Saturn SL1 will not start after it has rained or if it is damp out?

Sounds like the classic ignition wire problem. Replace them.

How do you remove and replace a power steering pump on a 2000 Saturn sl1?

lease gas cap on 2000 sl1

How do you change the neutral switch on a Saturn sl1?

The Neutral safety switch is located on the back of the automatic transmission. it is quite simple to replace. It is probably easier to replace from under the vehicle, but it is accessable from the top if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS.

How do you replace a blower motor on a 2001 Saturn SL1?

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1996 Saturn SL1?

timing for spark plug wires for saturn sl1 1996

Does it have a reset switch for the fuel pump on a Saturn sl1 94 model?

There is no reset switch for the fuel pump on any s-series

How does one replace the driver side manual window in a 1995 Saturn sl1?

Need instructions on how to replace a manual window regulator on drivers side on 1995 saturn

What is the location of the starter relay switch on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

The relay is attached to the starter and is an integral part.

Is there a way to reprogram or reset a Saturn SL1 ignition without going to the dealer?

i have a 2001 Saturn sl1 i have a miss in no 1 cyl i cave changed ingiton coil wires fuel ingetor spark plugs and checked compresson it is ok can you give me a answer

Can a 1999 Saturn SL1 rear passenger side door be used on a 1997 Saturn SL1?


How do you replace idler pulley on 96 Saturn sl1?

What is the cost to replace a 1998 Saturn SL1 transmission?

1100 at the dealer. expect 800 at a local mechanic

Where is the automatic transmission shift sensor on a 1996 Saturn SL1?

The Neutral safety switch is located on the back of the automatic transmission. it is quite simple to replace. It is probably easier to replace from under the vehicle, but it is accessable from the top if your vehicle is not equipped with ABS.

What is wrong if the fuses and bulbs are functional in a 1999 Saturn SL1 but the reverse lights will not come on but all other lighting works fine?

check the back-up light switch. and the wire. switch is on the top of the transaxle. check battery side of switch with the ignition in the on position for voltage. if none chech wiring between switch and fuse. if there is check the ground side for voltage. put shifter in reverse and check if none replace switch. if there is wire between switch and bulb needs to be checked.

Why wont your 1997 Saturn SL1 start It turns over but dosent fire Its not the coil or switch?

crank sensor is bad

2002 Saturn sl1?


How do you replace a dome light on a Saturn SL1?

Dome light removal video:

How do you replace valve seals in a 1996 Saturn SL1?

You replace the valve seals on a 1996 Saturn SL1 by removing all of the hardware to get to the valves, unseating them, cleaning them, and sliding the new valve gaskets on. In order to do this you should consider getting a good Chiltons or other repair manual for your make, model, year, and engine.

Why do the back-up lights on a 1999 Saturn SL1 w manual transmission not work The bulbs and fuse are good?

Have you tried replacing the neutral switch, go to autozone, they run around $5 and easy to replace

Is a 1994 Saturn motor compatible with a 1999 sl1 Saturn motor?


Will a 94 Saturn SL1 engine work in a 95 Saturn Sl1?

exact fit fir the sohc engine is 93 or 94 only

What would cause white smoke to come from the ignition switch and dash board on a 1997 Saturn SL1 Now the car will not start just cranks?

Unfortuneately the most likely (only) problem is the ignition switch shorted internally If you look at the wires going into the switch you will most likely see that a black wire is melted This is a ground wire for the switch All the insulation may be bubbled or melted right off You need a switch and that wire replaced if you see this. Either way i think you need a switch