How do you replace emergency brake cable on 2002 Kia Sportage?

weel i guess my first question is why ? these cables usually do not need to be adjusted or replaced.In 10 years working on Kia's replaced one brake cable because some mechanic at a tire store got it pinched between the lift and the frame bottom. to answer your question get a REAL Kia cable, otherwise your in for some real fun. there is alot of threading from the brake consol to the back wheels.the consol has to be removed to access the emergency brake handle,undo the nut and count how many turns the adjuster nut has to it . then thread the cable thru the floorboard undoing cable clamps as you go. until you get to the junction connector,then you have to decide do i go all the way to the brake or stop at the junction connector.after that the cable is unhooked from the brake drums and removed. are you sure you want to do this ? just kidding, good luck if you tackle this project.