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The black plastic grille AROUND the fog lamp can be removed without tools. The grille is about 4 inches high and about 14 inches long. If you look through the slats, you'll see 5 or 6 "clips" that can be GENTLY released with your finger. You should see the inside edge of the grille cover (closest towards the license plate.) Place your finger in that inside edge/end, and try pushing the grille towards the outside of the car (ie the grille on the driver side should be pushed towards the right as you face the front of the car) and it should pop out. Also, try pushing in SLIGHTLY, the push towards the outside, and then pulling out. It should pop out fairly easily, with little force.

Once the grille is out , you'll see that the fog lamp assembly can be removed with 3 screws. Simpler than you probably thought!

This applies to Sharan fogs as well. It's a bit fiddly and after taking out the 3 screws you need to disconnect the electrical connection (push on/off) Then rotate the light assembly until you can pull it out. The assembly is in 2 parts and twists to separate. Don't touch the bulb when replacing as any oil on it will make it blow when it gets hot.

Watch out for glass that will have fallen behind the black plastic grille! I agree, it's a lot easier than you think and will save a lot of money (you don't need to pay dealer prices on this one). It took me less than 15 minutes to replace a broken fog assembly and I was taking my time!

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Q: How do you replace fog light bulbs on 2003 VW Passat or Sharan?
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