How do you replace fog lights on a 2000 VW Beetle?


You do not need to remove the bumper to access the two fog-light screws. Simply pry the plastic apart and the whole operation should take 10 minutes. The first tab is the hardest to pull. Start at the bottom corner and pull it out from there. The screws are then easily accessible and you can replace them simply. Or you can blame the German's for their engineering and try to hack away at your car.

I had to replace just the lens on one of my fog lights and bought the assemby but couldn't figure out how to do it. I ended up with another problem with the car and under warranty the dealer had to remove the front bumper to fix that problem. With the bumper off, I asked them to replace the fog light. They did and I thus avoided the labor charge for removing the bumper. That is the only way to replace the fog light. It would have cost over $200 total.

Yeah the problem is that two of the screws that hold them in have their heads facing INTO the bumper where they are tough to see. (way to go VW) You CAN replace them yourself though although removing the screws is tedious. You will need and offset ("L" shaped) screwdriver or a Phillips head attachment for a rachet. You also need a mini hacksaw (yep a HACKsaw)

Ok. Look under the front grill area below the fender and locate the foglights. Under each one will be a screw securing it to the bumper. remove that screw.

Twist the back of the foglight cover counterclockwise to remove it and get it out of your way. Also remove the wire harness clip on the side.

You can then see the two upper screws that hold the grill onto the fender and that also attach the foglights. If you can reach them, use the offset screwdriver to remove those screws.

(hint, when you replacem them, drive the screws from the bottom)

I had to go through some gyrations to reach the screws though. To get them out of my way, I cut off the plastic mounts to the foglight (since it was going to be replaced anyway) I was also able to pry out the grill a little from the sides. to replace the grill, just make sure that the plastic tabs on the grill part go up OVER the plastic lip on the bumper. It kinda reminded be of prying a bicycle tire back onto the rim.