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Remove the tire (5 lug nuts). Remove the brake caliper (2 bolts from the rear of the assembly). Remove the brake rotor. Then you want to remove the shaft nut and Hub axle bearing (3 bolts from the rear of the assembly). The CV just should pull out of the front shaft housing. Best thing is to do is go buy the break down manual for you Grand. find the book for your and model and eng. type

additional info: I had a torn CV rubber boot on my 95 GC that had let dirt into the CV joint to the extent that it was making noise and threatening to go out. This is the joint that connects the front drive shaft leading from the transfer case to the front differential and is located right behind the front differential. My local mechanic replaced the CV joint with a U-joint and told me that Jeep has issued a bulletin to do so as the front CV joint was a weak point that caused lots of problems. The good news is that a U-joint is a stronger link and the bearings are permanently sealed so, no zerks to grease and no rubber boots to wear out or rip. The previous answer addressed an issue if your problem was an axle CV joint...mine addressed the issue if your problem is the front drive did not specify in your question. Actually your question asked how to replace the shaft which makes little sense as the shaft itself is just a hunk of steel and would never go out unless you also tore up the U-joints, the CV joints and perhaps the transfer case first.

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Q: How do you replace front CV shaft on a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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Can you tow a Jeep Grand Cherokee on a front wheel dolly?

You can if you remove the rear drive shaft.

What style is the front drive shaft for a 96' v8 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

cv with a slip joint

Your 1993 jeep grand Cherokee leaks tranny fluid between tranny and motor what could it be?

if you have a leak between the trans and engine it is most likely a front input shaft seal or front pump seal. you must remove the transmission to replace these seals.

How do you disable four wheel drive in a 1995 jeep grand Cherokee?

To permanently disable, remove the drive shaft from the transfer case to the front differential.

Where is the distributor shaft on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 4.7?

The 4.7 does not have a distributor.

Where is the cam shaft sensor on a 5.2 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The cam sensor is inside the distributor.

How do you tell if a Jeep Grand Cherokee is 4 wheel drive?

Look underneath for a drive shaft that goes from the transfer case to the front axle. If it has one, it is four wheel drive.

How much does it cost to repair rear axle shaft seals in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

I had mine done on my 1999 jeep grand Cherokee and had to have the bearings replaced too, cost me $285.00

Can you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee limited without a rear drive shaft?

Not recommended.Not recommended.

How do you replace a camshaft sensor in a 2002 3.3L dodge grand caravan?

how do you replace a cam shaft sensor in a 2002 3.3L dodge grand caravan

Replacing front drive shaft On a 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4?

front drive shaft, how do you get the yoke out of the transfore case to replace the ceal?

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee cam position sensor location?

4.0L, on the top of the shaft on the passenger side center of the engine. 4.7L, under the passenger side front cylinder head.

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