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2000 olds bravada you need a 36 mm socket / half inch drive and a breaker bar with it. roughly 35-40 dollars.I believe a 18mm socket also . Take the wheel off . take something to knock off the aluminum cap in the center . take bolt off w/the 36 mm socket. . there are 4 bolts on the back-side of the break . take one out of the top first. if it is a long bolt with a funny looking end on it , bingo you have the right bolt . If not replace that bolt and try again .only 2 bolts hold this on . you my have to pry the breaks off the rotor with screw driver but you want hurt anything doing this..;put it all back together the way you took apart . It's easy if you have the tools. ( One bolt will be impossible to get to with a socket ) it's the one on top. and you will need an open ended wrench or your out of luck. wrench, one socket the same size.think its 18 mm or 16.and one 36 mm socket with breaker bar, it's on TIGHT.

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Q: How do you replace front hub assembly on a 2000 bravada?
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