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How do you replace heater core 87 celebrity?


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This procedure is much the same on all years of Celebrities.
First drain the coolant into a suitable container
On the firewall locate the two hoses that go into and out of the hearer core and remove them. There should also be rubber insulators on the inlet and outlet of the heater core, save them for the new heater core.
Inside the vehicle remove the under dash cover. Locate the heater duct. It has a number of small screws plus clips that hold it in place, remove them. The duct should then be removed. There is also a small cover over the heater core inlet/outlet tubes. It is held on with three screws, one of which is a little hard to see, remove them and take off the small cover. It may be "glued" in place by a tar like insulating material. The heater core is held in place by two strap clamps over it which are held on with two screws in each. Remove the screws and clamps. The heater core will now come out
Reverse the procedure to install the new heater core. Refill the coolant and check for leaks.


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how hard is it to replace a heater core on a 87 325e BMW 2 dr? thank you in advance.

The dash has to be removed to gain access to the heater box. The heater box then comes out and is split open to replace the core.

Disconnect the hoses to the heater core. Remove the lower instrument panel sound insulator, it is just below the glove box and remove the clips. Remove the heater duct, clips and screws hold it in place, then remove the heater core cover clips. Take off the heater core mounting bolts.

To change the heater core in a 87 ford f150 is easy. Just remove the glove box and then behind it there is 7 bolts. After you remove the 7 bolts then just remove the cover and behind it is the heater core. By far the easiest heater core I ever changed.

how to remove heater core 87 Chevy astro van. like to have diagram.

Heater core is leaking. The only fix is to replace it with a new one. This is a good time for a complete cooling system flush and refill with a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and distilled water. Also replace the thermostat at this time and check the condition of all hoses and replace as necessary. A leaking heater core is usually cause by neglecting to service the cooling system.Heater core is leaking. The only fix is to replace it with a new one. This is a good time for a complete cooling system flush and refill with a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and distilled water. Also replace the thermostat at this time and check the condition of all hoses and replace as necessary. A leaking heater core is usually cause by neglecting to service the cooling system.

I'm pretty sure you would have to remove the dash unless it's accessible below the passenger side of the dash. Root around there for anything. If it's leaking in the cabin you can locate it easily.... I replaced the heater core on my 1987 Honda Prelude Si last year. The air conditioning evaporator box will not allow you to get to the heater core without removing the entire dashboard. First you have to remove the instrument panel, and then remove the rest of the dashboard to get to the heater core. I bought a 87 Prelude shop manual on eBay and that really helped in showing me where all the bolts and screws are located that hold the dashboard. I had 1 screw left over...but the car and heater core work great!

Did you replace the fuel filter?Did you replace the fuel filter?

most likely your heater is leaking? If you mean coolant, It would be the heater core. If you actually mean water it is coming from the windshield.

To replace the heater core on the 83-87 Prelude with A/C The center console and the upper dash will be removed, This is not a job for the novice.If you have a Prelude without A/C the heater core can be removed simply by removeing the heater control valve which is under the hood behind the engine against the firewall, Then under the dash you will find the hose connections to the heater core entering thru the firewall, remove the clamps from the hoses, remove the t-bracket retaining screw and bracket that hold the heater core tubes to the control box, remove the screws that retain the heater core hose cover then slide the heater core from the control box and reinstall in reverse order.You can view a picture of the unit at [url] [/url] this link is for an 85 but they are basically the same.

It is inside the heating A/C housing. The dash has to come out to get to it. A very involved repair. Even the most experienced master mechanics cringe at having to do a heater core repair. I would suggest putting some aluminum stop leak in the radiator. It will stop the leak in the heater core and will save you the grief of pulling the dash out.

it's not that hard you just need to have pictures to guide you through it. i did my wife's heater core in 87 t-bird. Take the entire console out of the car to facilitate removal of nearly all of the dash Most of the dash will have to come apart to change heater core Also the air ducts air box as affected Better just to bypass the bad core under the hood to return the hot water back to the engine and just leave the bad heater core alone Use a shop vac to suck remaining water from the bad heater core At a shop the change of the heater core costs from 300 to 400 dollars because of all of the labor

An 87 Celebrity has several brake lines. They start at the master cylinder, and run under the car to all four wheels.

First of all you haave a super old car second i recomend you get to a auto repair before you get into any serious action

Timing on a 1987 Celebrity is controlled by the engine control module, computer. There is no provision for adjustment.

The heater core is contained within the heater/air assembly. The assembly is divided by the firewall. Now if only the heater core is being removed there is no need to evacuate the refrigerant from from the air conditioning system or remove the blower motor/evaporator housing. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the cooling system. Disconnet the heater hoses at the firewall. Remove the glove box and the sound insulator panel below the right side of the dash. ( To remove he glove box there should be two screws underneath , you simply unscrew them and detach the glove box from the instrument panel), and of course instsallation is reverse . Disconnect the the rod from the programmer to the blend air door by squeezing the plastic connector and pulling it out of the arm. Disconnect the vaccuum and electrical connectors from the programmer just to the right of the heater core housing Remove the two heater core cover mounting screws and pull the heater core cover (with programmer still attached) away from the heater housing Remove the two core mounting screws and carefully lower the heater/air condition assembly from under the dash. Caution : Have some old rags handy to protect the carpet from any spills of coolant . Installation is the reverse of removal. Note: Make sure to transfer any weather stripping/sealing material from the old core or cover to the new one.

It takes alot of man hours and a few tools. Try a "Haynes Car Manual for your car from Autozone. It will give you step by step instructions

have you tried any radiator flush kits? Try this , drain the radiator below the heater core lines and disconnect both line, take compressed air (air compressor) with a rag and a blower, stick in one end and release the pressure, watch out it will blow some junk at you. put back together and refill

The fuse block on a Chevy Celebrity is located on the bottom of the dash to the right of the steering column.

It's at least a three hour job, as indicated. But also, be sure to completely clean all ducting, and replace blower hoses. If you don't, you'll continue to have residue on your windows, and especially when the heat is on it will stink like urine! Clean it up! Answer I bought an 87 Corvett with the Heater core disconnected. I had an estimate and it was around $350 with new radiator fluid, from my trusted mechanic. The Chevy dealer quoted me around $800.00 with a radiator flush included. The core is around $35.00 online, but I found out that it is about a 3 hour job and not fun to do yourself. The core is located up behind the right front dash. KE

Ours was an '87 and it weighed about 2600 lbs.

The electric fuel pump is in the gas tank.

I replaced on in an 87 and it should be about the same. It is behind the dash on the passenger side of the car. You need to remove the whole top cover of the dash, all the hush panels and the center console to make sure you have enough room. The heater core looks like a small rotator that is set in a plastic bracket that has two pipes sticking through the fire wall. This is an all day (and sometimes night job) so don't plan on driving the car right away. Hope this helps!

10w30, we used to own an 87, so we know.

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