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The fuse box is located under the steering wheel on the left side. It's almost neer the pedals. There should be a cover that easily pops out. There is a numbered and labeled diagram on the fuse box door. You can also check the owner's manual. On my car there is a small problem with the front left flasher bulb. For some reason that I didn't look for, after a year or two the bulb stop working when it is on the car. If I remove the bulb and test it the bulb work perfectly fine, but not on the car. I put a new one and it's fine for another year or two. It is only the left front bulb that does that.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-14 03:03:04
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Q: How do you replace or fix a fuse on a 97 jetta gls when the lights are good its just the fuse?
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What is wrong with a 1989 Crown Victoria when the tail lights dash lights and tag lights went out but the fuse is good?

Replace the headlihgt switch, it's a common problem

How do you replace heater core 96 jetta?

see the answer for how do you replace heater core 96 jetta its the same good luck and god speed

My Chrysler LHS hazzard lights and blinkers do not work have tried the bulbs not that and the fuses all are good?

Replace Flasher Fuse, Located In Engine Fuse Box.

If the fuse is good and the switch is good Why don't the brake lights work 1995 Ford Ranger STX?

Simply Looking at the fuse to see if it's burnt is no guarantee it's still good. Replace fuse number 13 with a 15amp.

What can cause the dash lights and tail lights to stop working on an 1990 delta 88 royal braughn?

Your dash and tail lights share the same fuse and power feed. Check and replace the fuse first, even if it looks good, and then start to troubleshoot the wiring.

how to fix lic plate lights on explorer when bulb and fuse are good?

how can i fix lic plate lights not working when bulbs and fuse are good?

All lights working except brake lights. Is there a brake light fuse?

There should be a fuse for the brake lights. If the fuse is good always check the ground wire.

Break lights not working?

if the bulbs are not bad, it is the fuse, if the fuse is good, its the wiring.

What is the ctsy fuse on a '96 gmc jimmy and what does it do also what should you do if you replace the fuse and as soon as you put a new one in it shorts out?

Try unhooking the wires to the switches on your doors that activate your [ctsy fuse] which means DOME LIGHTS !!!!! Replace the fuse if good, hook each door up one at a time. The one that blows the fuse is the bad one !!!!!!!!!

How do you access the trunk of Chrysler 300 when fuse is no good?

Replace the fuse.

The dash lights are out and the fuses are all good so what could be wrong on a 1997 Ford Expedition?

You might want to check or replace your dash dimmer light switch. I found this to cause either no dash lights or intermittent lights. Check the fuse box under the hood. The fuse you need is under the hood.

Vw Jetta 02 radio doesn't play?

Check the fuse. If that is good then you need to have it looked at by a professional.

Dash lights wont come on and all other lights are good?

You may have a blown fuse.

Which is the fuse for the 2003 jetta cigarette lighter?

Yes, its located on the driver side fuse panel. Don't remember the fuse number, but you should be able to tell which is blown. Good luck

Tail lights and brake lights and backup lights don't work at all?

You have a short. One of the wires is grounding out or your fuses are blown. Check the fuses under the drivers side dashboard (by your left knee) with a test light. If you look at the top of each fuse you'll see a number (10, 15, 25...) on either side of that number you will see two strips of metal. Turn the vehicle on and attach the alligator clip to a ground (Bolt, Door frame...). Touch the pointed end to each strip of metal on each fuse. If the test light "lights up" the fuse is good. If not, replace the fuse with the exact number on the new fuse. If you're fuses are good, then you have an electrical short somewhere and you need a pro mechanic or electrician to find the short and fix it. If you find a "Blown fuse" and you replace it and the new fuse blows then you know you have a short. Good luck. check fuses or look for a broken wire

Its a 96 grand caravan with a 3.0l a wire to the horn got grounded out and now the head lights and the int lights wont come on till the key is in the on position all fuses are good what happend?

u blue out the fuse for running lights because the horn wires are on the same circuit use electrical tape on the exposed wires and replace fuse

How do you make the daytime running lights work in a '96 Monte Carlo Z34 all the other lights work just the running lights don't come on and the fuse that I think it is is still good?

DRL's run off of their own fuse... therfore they also have their own ground. If the fuse is good, check your grounds.

What could be wrong if your daytime running lights and your back up lights do not work?

The first thing I'd do is check the fuse. If the fuse is good the you might have a short in a wire somewhere.

Where is the fuse for the lights in a 2001 Chevy Venture?

Hi, You didn't mention exactly what lights you are interested in, but I have included a link to the fuse boxes for the 2001 Venture. Good Luck, Greg

1991 Cadillac DeVille all dash lights won't work but all other lights will?

You most likely have a blown fuse. See owners manual for fuse location and replace it. Very simple fix. If that is not it, you might have a bad connection somewhere and if are not good with taking dashboards apart, I'd see a mechanic.

How can you fix your tail lights on your 1990 Toyota corolla i have no dash or tail lights my head lights work fine and the fuse is good?

you pooh on it you pooh on it

Brake lights don't work?

Fuse is good break lights still don't work all the bubls work

Need to find fuse for brake lights on 2002 ram 1500 the brake lights don't work and the bulbs are good?

One fuse block in the dash, and one under the hood

You have 2000 neon you dont have tail light and dashboard light the fuse look good?

Modern fuses are difficult to evaluate visually. Spend a buck at a gas station, or buy a tester at a local parts store and have it ready for future problems. I agree with the contributor above - fuses are cheap. However, no dashboard lights or tail lights usually indicate a burnt fuse. Remove the suspect fuse and wire-jump the gap on the fuse box, if you get lights, the fuse is definetly burnt out, if you don't get lights, the problem lies elsewhere and not in the fuse, - Good luck.

My 2002 Chevy silverado duramax reverse lights won't turn on when I shift into reverse?

Try to replace the lights first. If they still don't work check the fuse. If that is good, it is most likely your back up light switch which is on the transmission(this is most likely your problem since both lights are out).