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How do you replace radiator?

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2006-07-19 21:11:14

Drain the radiator by removing a petcoc on the bottom of the

radiator. Then remove all the hoses and lines going to the

radiator. unplug the fans, then unbolt the radiator from the top,

most cars have 2 little bolts holding it in, then remove it. Then

put the new radiator back in, bolt it up, plug the fans in, and put

the hoses and lines back on, make sure you do not cross thread the

lines if they screw in. Fill it up with antifreeze until it does

not take any more. then start the car up, once the car gets hot

enough the thermostat will open and it will take more antifreeze.

fill it until it is full and put the cap back on the radiator, then

fill the overfill bottle to the appropriate mark. when the car is

running, make sure the temp. does not jump way up, if it does turn

the car off imediatly, it means there's an air bubble in there and

the thermostat is not opening and the car will overheat.

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