How do you replace rear brake pads for a 2000 mustang V6 with rear disk brakes?

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Loosen wheel lug nuts, jack up and support vehicle, finish removing wheel. Using a 13mm wrench, loosen the two caliper to pin bolts on the back of the caliper. This will release the caliper. Using a screwdriver, pry the caliper up and away from the bracket, the caliper should slide off the brake pads and be free from the bracket.

Wire the caliper up and out of the way.

Remove the pads.

Using the special ford tool, place it on the caliper piston and turn the caliper piston back into the bore with a rachet and extention until it is seated all the way (turn clockwise). The ford tool fits into the notches on the caliper piston.

Slide new pads into the caliper bracket, slide the caliper over the new pads and rotor, reattach the 13mm bolts and torque to 25lb/ft.

If removing/replacing the rotor, remove the caliper and pads as outlined above, then continue by removing the caliper support bracket using a 15mm wrench on the two bolts holding it to the hub assembly. Remove the caliper bracket, then the rotor should come off. It may require a few taps with a rubber mallet to loosen.

When reinstalling the caliper support bracket, torque the 15mm bolts to approx. 90 lb/ft.

When reinstalling the wheel, torque lug nuts to approx 95 lb/ft