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How do you replace rear brake pads on a 2001 Chevy Tahoe?


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Park the vehicle on a flat surface. Chock the front wheels. To make it easier, we will only talk about the drivers left side wheel. Right side is the same. Make sure the park assist brake is not on, but leave the vehicle in park. Jack up the rear end and place jack stands under the frame. Remove the rear wheel. Remove the disc brake caliper. It is held on with two __mm socket head cap screws. Remove the disc caliper out of the way and hang from the frame with a wire. Don't hang it on the rubber brake line. You will also have to remove the caliper support bracket. It is held on with two __mm cap scews. Just remove the bracket and set it aside. Now, on the wheel disc hub, there will be one or two round disc keepers pushed on the wheel lug bolts holding the hub on the axle assembly. Remove the keepers and pull the hub off. The hub may be hard to pull off if the brake shoes are tight and worn a lot. Just work the hub of and it will come loose. Be careful of the dust when you pull the hub off. Don't breathe it. Once you have the hub off, you will have a front and rear brake shoe attached. At the botton of the shoes between the two shoes is the brake adjuster assembly. It will need to be removed and screwed back to a shorter length. Now, the shoes are held on with two small pins, one at the top and the other at the bottom of each shoe. It has a small round cap and a spring under the cap. Hold the pin from the rear and press and turn the cap to remove it. Once the pins have been removed from the shoes, the front shoe has the brake cable attached to it. Remove the keeper and pin from the shoe. Both shoes should come off now. Just assemble in the reverse order and manually adjust the adjuster assembly to where the shoes are snug and you can still get the hub assembly back over the shoes. There is a slot to further adjust the shoes once the hub is in place with the proper brake adjust lever. This is what I had to do to replace them on my 2001 tahoe. Hope this helps.


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