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first pull off the cylinder heads, then disconnect the connecting rod caps and push the pistons out of the top of the engine. make sure you keep everything organized: each piston ring turned the right way so the ring gaps line up like they're suppose to, everything in order, and the right connecting rod caps with the right rods because this is crucial to putting the engine back together the right way so the engine doesn't prematurely wear out pls do not forget to mark the order of the push rods. It is eaiser to take two boxes if its a v8, and cut 4 small slits in each box. put an arrow on it indicating the front of the motor and as you pull the rods out then slidwe them into the box. if you forget the order of the rods there is a better chance that the motor will not work just right. Also you have to drop the oil pan in order to get to the bolts that hold the pistons in. its really not that hard of a job just really time consuming. To change the rings just pull them off. when you are trying to put the new ones on,they can slide right into place, if not it helps to have a tool that helps put the on. good luck.

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Q: How do you replace rings on a 1966 Ford Mustang?
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