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How do you replace tail light bulbs on a 3000GT?

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2011-09-12 20:52:43

When you take off the square plastic covers, the only bulb that

you can access is for the backup lights. In order to get to the

tail light, and turn signal bulbs you have to remove the assembly.

Just unscrew the 4 nuts from behind the trim and very carefully pop

out the assembly. If it is difficult to remove, you may have to

loosen the screws that hold the spoiler. The 2057 bulb is the

replacement. Hope this helps.

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i am assuming that you are asking about the 3000gt brake lights.

well here it is for 91-99 all models 3000gt`s replacing the brake

lights is very easy with the back hatch open stand against the rear

bumper of the vehicle and look down in the trunk area,on the

interior plastic covers/trim there are 4 little bolts that you turn

by hand(they are made of plastic)remove the square plastic covers

from the trim and look inside(behind the trim)and you should

see/feel two light build harnesses there is 2 per side on the 3000

gt twist them and pull the bulbs out they should be cheap and

easily found in any parts store

I will add this for the Dodge Stealth: Same as above to get

behind the trim ... but you can not access the bulb sockets on the

Stealth ... you must find the 2 10mm nuts that hold the tail light

assembly on and remove them. Pull the assembly away from the rear

of the car and then you can access the bulb sockets. The stop light

bulb is a 2057 as indicated above.

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