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where is the airbag sending unit for when yoy hit somone in the front where is that module for the airbag in the front. "If you want to replace it, bad idea, that will be ALOT more costly. I had my original SRS module sent in for a reset. I just googled a company called and they reset mine for $55 and shipped it back to me free of charge, I hooked it up and it works like brand new! and I saved about $560.

*Disconnect battery if you are working with the Airbag Module, if its powered and it feels movement, It could trigger the Airbags to blow."

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โˆ™ 2008-02-21 03:18:00
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Q: How do you replace the airbag sensor module?
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How do you replace the airbag module on a 2000 Ford Expedition?

Where is the airbag module on the 2000. Ford expedition

Where is the airbag module 1997 Oldsmobile achieva the light will not go off.?

The 1997 Oldsmobile airbag module sensor can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side. The airbag module should be labeled as such.

Where is the airbag sensor located on a 1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sports Wagon?

The airbag impact sensor on 1995 and 1996 model Cherokees is located within the airbag module.

Where is the crash sensor volkswagen jetta 1997?

The front crash sensor is located inside the airbag control module.

98 airbag module where?

where is airbag module 98tacoma

Can you reset the air bag module on a 2001 mustang if not what needs to be replaced?

You can only replace the driver's airbag. The rest you will need to reprogram or replace the control module and replace the damaged area.

Do you have to replace the airbag sensor once an airbag has been used?

Yes. Most airbag sensors are triggered by breaking them so they are single-use only.

How to fix Passenger Airbag Cutoff Sensor ML320?

Replace seat pad

Where is the airbag control module for a 2002 Acura TL located?

The 2002 Acura airbag control module is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The airbag control module will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

Airbag sensor location in 1991 geo storm?

airbag sensor and iat sensor are not the same thing... wiki

How do you replace the camshaft sensor in a 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier 2.2?

change coil module

Where is the airbag computer module on a Honda Accord 1999?

The 1999 Honda Accord airbag computer module can be found behind the kick plate. The module will be on the passenger side.

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