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How do you replace the alt on 1990 Honda civic?


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2015-07-16 19:31:25
2015-07-16 19:31:25

The alt will come out without removing the axle. you will have to remove alt. bracket from engine block. to do this you must grind down a #14 box end wrench to get in behind alt. then remove plastic inner wheel well panel. the alt will then come out through this opening you

will have to twist the alt as it comes out but it will come out if you do it just right.

As posted by me. Thus,

"This isn't that tricky of an install. I've done it 3 times now.

First, take off your drivers side wheel.

Second, find the right size socket for the CV axle nut. I can't remember what size it was, but it was huge. Take your car to Napa and ask them to help you find the right one, that's what I did. Take off that nut with the socket and wrench, set aside.

Third, Take off the bottom nut holding the brake assembly to the arm holding it. I think it is a 17mm socket. There is a codder pin in this nut, so if it does not, its the wrong nut. After you take the nut off, pull the brake assembly up so it swings free.

Fouth, pull our the left CV Axle. This is the only way to fit the Alt. out from under the car.

Fifth, unbolt your alternator and the serpetine belt on it. If your belt is in good condition, don't buy another one. They are hardy things.

After getting your new alt in there, tighten it all up and repeat all these steps backwards to get it all back together. Make sure the serpentine belt is nice and tight on the crankshaft, you don't want much play in there, or you will lose power."


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I have a 1995 Honda Passport, 3.2L. Look under the truck and find the alt. There is a slack adjuster under the alt. Loosen the bolt next to adjuster, then back off the bolt on the adjuster. Take off the bolt on the bottom of alt. Loosen the top bolt to the alt. You should be able to move the alt. to get the belt off.

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Check the fuse under the dash that's labeled SP Alt. It supplies voltage to the alternator, so it can produce power. On my 98 it's a 7.5amp

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Re: How do you remove the alternator from an 06 civic? Step 1 find a midget Step 2 have him uninstall the alt lol no, but it is tight in that area find the wing nut than loosen the 2 bolts that are on that bracket than loosen the wing nut until the belt comes loose. Than unbolt the alt and unhook the wires to it and your done. Than in the reverse order install your new one.

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i replaced alt batt and some fuses my 91 accord lx will not stay charge over 10.60 volts what is the problem

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