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How do you replace the alternator on a 1999 Kia Sephia?


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2015-07-15 20:41:49
2015-07-15 20:41:49

i have a 98 kia sephia, and i actually had to take the (left) motor mount off to raise the engine to allow removal clearance. use a regular floor jack but choose a good spot and a scrap piece of wood to lift motor. using caution and a little patience, it can be done. p.s. the oem kia alternator , is surprisingly cheap.....and the quality is that of what kia fans can expect....?! good luck

I recommend removing the intake manifold to allow clearance, no matter what the design is less than helpful as it should not be necessary to do that ...30 minute job turns into 2 hour job

Hey. You got to start off by taking off you alternator belt. Once that is dont you got to then take your the intake off. Once your intake is off you then take the two bolts, one concter and you positive off the alternator then it will then slide out. Remember when taking off alternator clean conector before putting in new one. Be patient... Good Luck.

Damn this 3rd answer. Someone needs to take a spelling class

My Chilton's manual makes this sound really easy, but its like birthing a baby using forceps, but you don't need to remove the intake manifold or jack up the engine. Here is what I did.

1. Unbolt the main electrical cable from the alternator.

2. Unplug the control wires. The plug has a locking clip that must be pushed toward the wiring.

3. Loosen the pivot bolt on the bottom of the alternator, which has to be reached from underneath the car.

4. Then from above loosen the tensioning bolt and the tensioning mounting bolt. Remove the belt and remove the bolts. Remove the tensioning bracket and tensioning bracket bolt. (Chilton's says to just swing it out of the way, but it wouldn't stay out of the way, and you need all the room you can make)

5. Unclip the fuel line from its mounting clips and gently push the fuel line out of the way.

6. Disconnect all the power steering lines and get them out of the way. This makes a mess unless you drain the power steering fluid first or plug the open tubes with caps or plugs. Remove the power steering line mounting bracket. Also take off the mounting bolt for the A/C lines.

7. Take a piece of 14 gage wire or a coat hangar and hook it on to the alternator like a handle, so you can pull on the alternator without having your hands in the way.

8. Gently pull the alternator out with one hand pulling on the wire handle and the other hand pushing all the other tubes out of the way. I found that the pinch point was between the end of the fuel rail and the air conditioning lines. The skinniest part of the alternator is perpendicular to the rotor and between the mounting points.

9. Disconnect nearest cable from the cruise control box. Mine just twisted off with a 1/4 turn.

10. Installation is the reverse of removal.

If you just remove the power steering brackets you can get it far enough out of the way to remove the alternator


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Loosen the tensioner bolt on your 1997 Kia alternator. Move the alternator to the left. The alternator belt will become loose and can be replaced.

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The taillights on a 1999 Kia Sephia are replaced through the cars trunk. Remove the plastic covers from the light housings and replace the bulbs.

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put in new alternator but it will not charge battery. alternator was tested and found to be good. why wont it charge the battery?

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My lights were coming on when my alternator was going out. Test your alternator and charging system and replace accordingly.

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