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If your 02 is at all like my 03 Trailblazer, then its pretty easy actually. The order of the steps can be changed up a little but the basic steps are as follows. 1. Disconnect the battery cables. You will need a metric number 8 wrench for this task. Ratcheting wrenches are best. If you are facing the windshield during this task...when you go to loosen them remember you are facing the fasteners backwards, so the left loosie righty tighty rule is reversed. Turn the wrench to the right to loosen the cable bolt if you are facing the windshield. Pull the cables away from the battery 2. Remove the hold down bar / bracket. There are three fasteners on it. One on the fender, one on the rad frame and one on the T-Shaped part at the base of the battery which is a nut with a washer head on it. You will need a number 10 wrench and socket/ratchet for this task. Be mindful of the height of your new battery compared to the one in there. I just bought an Exide/Motomaster battery and it appears to be taller making it next to impossible to get the bracket to reach the stud at the base of the holder. Remove the bracket up and away after the three fasteners have been removed. 3. Remove the plastic battery cover. To do so, you will more than likely need to pull the block heater chord out of the holder on the inner side of the cover to give yourself enough slack to pull the cover off. 4. Loosen the battery hold down bolt. This is done with a number 10 or 12 socket (12 think) and a long extension bar. Once loosened enough this should allow you to pull the battery up and out of the vehicle. NOTE: If you have an autostart unit installed , be careful where you have your hands during removal and replacement. Keep them away from the fan.. the autostart I have autostarts the vehicle occasionally when the cables are reconnected. Hope that helps... Scott

2007-11-19 05:43:52
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Remove fuel tank for access

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Is it required to reset the computer PCM when changing the battery on a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer LS?

When you change the battery you automatically reset the PCM. Any time you remove the negative battery cable for about 15-20 minutes you will reset the PCM. This will reset your Check engine light also. Trailblazer enthusiasts forum with all the answers for your Trailblazer.

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