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Standard brake removal and installation.

Tools required: Jack and jack stands Tire iron Socket set with 'Torx' or 'star-drive' bits. Screwdrivers C-Clamp (or something to push the caliper back in) band-aids and neosporin.

Procedure overview: Remove cap from brake fluid reservoir, block rear tires, loosen (but don't remove) lug nuts, jack up the car and place jack stands for safety (you don't want 3,000+ lbs. of van landing on you). Remove lug nuts and wheels. Remove the caliper mounting bolts and detach the caliper from the steering knuckle. Use C-clamp to push the piston into the caliper. Use a screwdriver to remove the old pads. Installation is the reverse of removal. When done, step on the brake pedal a few times, and check brake fluid level, filling as necessary.

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Q: How do you replace the brakes on a 97 Mercury Villager?
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Where is the pcm in a 97 Mercury villager?

where is the PCM located on Mercury Villager 97

How do you replace the shift cylinoid in a 97 mercury villager?

Shift solenoids are inside the transmission, and require disassembly of the transmission to replace.

How do you replace a fuel pump on 97 Mercury Villager?

The fuel pump is in the tank, and the tank must be removed to access it.

Where is the event data recorder located on a 1997 mercury villager van?

There is no such device on a '97 villager.

What kind of refrigerant does your 97 mercury villager use?

A 97 Mercury Villager should use r134a type freon. The valve size is designed so that the r12 fittings cant accidentally be used.

How do program a new key to a 97 mercury villager?

Go to a Ford dealer.

How many transmission sensors are on a 97 mercury villager?

There is only the speed sensor and the range switch.

Where can you find the ecm on a 97 mercury villager LS?

Under dash behind glovebox assembly.

Where is fuse panels in a 97 Mercury Villager?

Under the dash, left side, and in the engine compartment.

What year mercury villager middle seat will also fit onto a 1996?


Does the 1997 Mercury Villager 3.0L V6 have a timing belt or timing chain?

97 Villager uses timing belt on their 3.0 engine same as Nissan Quest.

Where is the speedometer senor located on the trans axle of a 97 mercury villager?

It's on the top rear corner of the transmission.

Check tranny fluid in 98 Mercury Villager?

In the 1997 Mercury Villager, the Transmission fluid dipstick is located on the driver's side of the engine just in front of and below the master cylinder/brake fluid check. The 97 Villager has a bulbous knob on top with no indication that it is the Transmission fluid.

How to replace spark plugs on Mercury Mountaineer?

how to change spark plugs on a 97 mercury mountaineer

Why would a 97 Mercury Villager run good until it gets warm and start to jerk?

Have your cat converter checked out.

How do you replace wiper motor on a 1997 mercury grand marquis?

how do you get to and replace the wiper moter on a 97 marquis

Where are the transmission sensors for 97 Mercury Villager?

The only "sensors" on the transmission are the speed sensor at the top in back, and the range switch on the front.

Where is the pcv valve on a 97 Mercury Villager van?

It's located on the back side of the intake manifold. It's screwed into the manifold.

How many motor mounts are on a 97 mercury villager?

Technically two. Front and rear. There are two more mounts attached to the transaxle.

What is the function of the coolant sensor on a 97 mercury villager?

To let the PCM know that the engine is warm enough for closed loop mode.

Where is the lower manifold located at on a 97 Chevy villager?

Chevy Villager?

How do you replace a distributor on a 97 mercury villager?

The distributor has only one plug and one screw. You should note the position of the adjustment slot and the exact position of the rotor, and make sure the new one is put in exactly the same.

What could cause a 97 Mercury Villager's parking lights and dash lights come on when brakes are applied and the brake lights not to operate?

check the contacts on the brake light bulbs correspond with the terminals in the holder, eg not a single contact bulb in a double contact holder

How do you remove front axle shaft on 97 mercury villager?

Yahoo Groups has a very helpful group; villagerquest. It is here you find the answer(s).

Where is the air bleed valve for the cooling system on a 97 mercury villager?

There isn't one. The engine sits below the radiator, one is not needed.

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