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for changing vw fog lightI have a 2000 beetle and to start remove front splash pan by removing the 6 (i think) torx screws, then you need small hands(I have giant mitts and i changed them but it hurt)it helps if you have it on a lift. Look up for the back of the lamp housing and un plug the wire, be careful there is a tab on it, then turn the back of the lamp housing a quarter turn (counter clockwise?)and the back of housing comes off then you have it loose carefully make it down and replace the lamp, make sure you have gloves on as you do not want to touch the bulb with your hands or it is now junk.That is as much as i can remember but it was a pain in the a$$. I used PIAA halogen amber 55 watt bulbs and couldn't be happier.
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Q: How do you replace the bulbs in the fog lamps on a 1998 VW Beetle?
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There are two bolts that hold each headlight in. They will be on top of the metal radiator support just to the rear of the top of the headlight. Remove these bolts, will either be a T27 torx socket or 7mm, and you will be able to pull the headlights out and replace the bulbs. The bulbs come out with a 1/4 turn and pull. Check out for tons of info on these cars.