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It's really easy...if it's just like my '06. Open your glovebox. Take all the stuff out. On the right side, there's a mini-bungee strap holding it on. Unhook it, but gently so that it doesn't spring into the compartment and you have to hunt for it later. Squeeze both sides of the glovebox to free the "plugs" that hold it in place. You can unhook the glovebox completely, or let it hang in your way. Look in the compartment - the largest black plastic panel is the cover for the filter. It releases by the two bottom tabs - pull both towards you at the same time. You'll have to squeeze the filter just a bit to get it out around the support bracket that's inconveniently in the way. Squeeze and slide the new filter in, and don't forget to grab the bungee strap before you squeeze the glovebox back in place.

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Q: How do you replace the cabin air filter on a 2003 Mazda 6?
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