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How do you replace the cabin air filter on a Kia Optima?


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2009-11-23 03:24:02
2009-11-23 03:24:02

no such animal... sorry

......well, THERE IS cabin filter for the new(2006.5 and up Optima) So they might be older ones with it too. It is a regtangular shaped box located behind the glove box. You gently remove the stoppers on both sides of the box and allow it to hang freely on its hinges . Then you will see the filter assembly. The filter elememt rests sideways within a frame that you slide out by gently pressing on the clips at either end. You install by reversing the procedure. That's it, enjoy your fresh air......

The dealer wants $48 for one here in South Florida , I've seen them for about $40. with the shipping on the net .


All Kia Optima's can be fitted with the cabin air filter. The blower housing is used in other Kia and Hyundai models as well. The manufacturer uses the filter as a selling point for their premium offerings. On the Optima they simply fail to install a filter in the housing. The removable cover is still there. If you search hard enough in eBay motors you will find them. I paid $12. + $8. shipping. I recommend using the above instructions to get to the blower housing, then vacuum out the narrow area the filter slides into. Mine had accumulated leaves and tree bark from parking outdoors. The filter is effective at stopping debris from flying out of the vents.


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Purchase a Purolator cabin filter for your Kia. It comes with complete instructions.

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The AC Filter is known as a Cabin Air Filter in a 2006 Kia Sedona. You will have to remove the glove box, and take off the housing assembly cover. From ,there your will pull the air filter out and replace new.

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Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter. It comes with complete directions.

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I have an '07 Sorento. I have to access it through the glove box. I have an '06 Sorento 3.5 L engine. It does not have a cabin filter per technician at Kia dealership. If you have a 3.8L engine you have a cabin filter...

It should be behind the glove box. You open it and then push in on the sides till it can be opened further ( it has rubber stoppers on the sides). Your filter is back there just push down on the clips on both ends and pull out ( careful I snapped one of mine off). Pull out the old filter and put on the new that's it.

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