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How do you replace the drive belt in a 2002 ford focus?

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I would, first, get a repair manual and then follow the directions in the book. If you don't do it right, you're in REAL trouble.

2006-08-06 10:32:11
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How do you replace timing belt svt focus 2002?

I am looking to replace my timing belt on my 2002 Ford svt focus. I need a diagram or step by step process.

How do you put on a fan belt on a 2001 Ford Focus?

See the answer for "How do you replace the drive belt in a 2000 Ford Focus?". The procedure is the same.

Replace a vauxhall corsa drive belt?

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How do you replace a drive belt in a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

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Why does your 2002 rodeo squeal when you drive?

its most likely your serpentine belt, sometimes you can fix it with some belt dressing, try spraying some on there before you replace the belt

How do I replace Ford Focus serpentine belt?

I need daigram of 2001 ford focus se serpentine belt

How do you replace drive belt on cub cadet LT1046 or LT1050?

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Does the 2002 Ford Focus have a timing belt or timing chain?

Timing BELT ( for the 2.0 liter SOHC and DOHC engines used in a 2002 Ford Focus )

How do you install a drive belt on a 2002 gmc Serria?

drive belt for what on this vehicle? do u mean serpentine belt,or fan belt,or timing belt?

How do you stop squealing belt at Chevy 2002 even when belt is new?

Replace the belt.

How do you replace Mercury Cougar drive belt?

Loosen the tensioner pulley. Remove the old drive belt. Install the new drive belt. Tighten the new drive belt with the tensioner pulley.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2002 Isuzu axiom?

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How do you replace the drive belt on cub cadet model 1042?

Loosen the drive belt tensioner pulley. Remove the drive belt. Put the new drive belt on the pulley. Tighten the tensioner pulley.

What tools are needed to replace the drive belt on a 2000 ford focus?

Only a wrench to rotate the belt tensioner to releive the belt tension. You have to get at it via the passenger-side front wheel well. The longer the length of the wrench, the better.

What mileage do you change the timing belt on a Ford Focus 1800 turbo diesel 2002 model?

Listed in your owner's manual. replace belt at 100,000 mls I checked with Ford no information in owners manual.

How do you replace a drive belt on a 38yard machine lawn mower?

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How do you replace a timing belt for a 2002 Camry le?

2002 and up four cylinders have a timing chain no belt.

How do you remove and replace the fan belt on a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

it is no suh a thing is fan belt on 2002 corolla

How to replace the alternator in my 2002 Ford Focus?

you need to make note of your drive belt route arround the pulleys first with a pen a paper. you then need a fifteen mm spanner to hold the auto tensioner back while you slip the belt off the alternator. after that its 3 bolts and it comes out underneath at the front.

Where can you find a belt routing diagram for a 2002 ford focus with a 16v zetec 2.0 engine?

Belt diagrams help the person changing the belt know that they are replacing the part correctly. A diagram for a 2002 Ford Focus belt routing can be found in the maintenance manual.

How do you tighten a loose drive belt on 2002 altima Nissan?

I replaced an alternator on a 2002 Nissan Altima but the drive belt is now too loose even with it having an automatic belt tensioner

Aux drive belt noisy in my Ford Focus should the belt be changed or?

OF COURSE... That's a no-brainer! Actually, it might be the belt tensioner at fault, common problem on Ford Focus'

How do you replace the drive belt on a john deere GX85?

Answer it!

How do you replace the drive belt on a kawasaki mule 2510?

There are a couple of ways to replace the drive belt on a Kawasaki mule 2510. The best way is to look it up in the manual.

How do you replace drive belt on cub cadet LTX 1040?

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