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ill give it to u step by step

1 open hood

2 locate the ten mm bolt then their will b a screw on the right side that hold the cornner light take that out

3 locate ten mm bolt on the fender holding the light on... take it off

4 being carefull take the entire assembly out

5 disconnect the wires fron the head light

6 give the black ring around the light a quarter turn

7 take old bulb out and replace with a new one......don't tough the bulb with your fingers wear gloves oils from your hands can make the build falty

8 hook wires back up and go backwards

...p.s. i have been at a salvage yard today and been working on the front end of mine

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:55:38
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Q: How do you replace the drivers front running light bulb on a 95 Geo Prism?
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