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How do you replace the drivers front running light bulb on a 95 Geo Prism?


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2011-09-12 20:55:38
2011-09-12 20:55:38

ill give it to u step by step

1 open hood

2 locate the ten mm bolt then their will b a screw on the right side that hold the cornner light take that out

3 locate ten mm bolt on the fender holding the light on... take it off

4 being carefull take the entire assembly out

5 disconnect the wires fron the head light

6 give the black ring around the light a quarter turn

7 take old bulb out and replace with a new one......don't tough the bulb with your fingers wear gloves oils from your hands can make the build falty

8 hook wires back up and go backwards

...p.s. i have been at a salvage yard today and been working on the front end of mine


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I've had this problem recently. You need to replace your daytime running lights module. it should be located on the drivers side of the car in just in front of the front tire (it is where it is on the '92)

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