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If you do not have any experience with brakes or working on a car consider having a friend help you or take it to a professional brake shop.

Caution! You must be familiar with many safety procedures before attempting this job!Among them you must know how to safely use a floor jack and jack stands and block the car so it will not roll or fall off the jack. Proceed at your own risk!Failure to follow all safety procedures may lead to injury or death.If you plan on doing the brakes yourself, proceed at your own risk! I would buy the pro tool kit with instructions on how to use them. It can be done with needle nose pliers, chain nose pliers and screwdrivers but a brake tool kit will make it easier. I also recommend taking photos of the way the springs and adjusters look before you start so you can reinstall them the same way.

When changing drum brakes there will be a lot of Asbestos dust in the drum, so wearing a dust mask and gloves is recommended. I personally wash the shoes and drums with soap and water or brake clean before starting the job.

With brake shoes, there is sometimes a shoe that is smaller in length than the other. Always make sure that shoe goes to the back side of the car on both sides. The larger shoe is for the stopping power. Check for wear on the brake drums (you should measure the ID of the drum and if oversize you need a new drum. If there are grooves or a substantial lip, replace or have the drums turned at a shop.

You will need to press the adjuster post that comes loose with the new shoes into the new rear shoe. Just install it so it looks the same as the shoe you removed. Use a socket to support the shoe while you tap in the post with a punch and hammer.

Do a Google search for Saturn rear drum brakes and there will be a YouTube" video at the top of the list . Watch the video video of how to do the job.... The video makes it look easier than it is and leaves out a couple steps but it covers most things well. Most people should be able to do the job in 30 minutes with normal hand tools.

If your wheel cylinders are leaking you will need to replace them. Do not attempt this unless you know how to bleed the breaks.

Good Luck and be safe

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Q: How do you replace the drum brakes on a Saturn station wagon?
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