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the emergency brakes are the rear brakes ,so replace the rear pads or shoes


I believe this answer is incorrect. The GTP contains a miniature set of brake shoes underneath the rear rotors, actually using the inside hub-portion of the rotor as a "drum", as the rear calipers have no cable-operation built in. Remove the rear calipers, pads, caliper mounting brakets, and then the rotors. Replace the shoes as you would ordinary brake shoes. It is very unlikely that these require replacement however (unless you happened to leave them on and dragging for a few hundred miles). It is far more likely that the cables would require adjustment / lubrication for proper operation.

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Q: How do you replace the emergency brakes on a GTP 2001?
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The emergency brakes are whatever your rear brake pads are.

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front and rear are disc

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In the fuel tank.

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what is the part no# for a replacement transmission filter, for a 2001 Pontiac gtp grand prix . Also how much transmission fluid does it take to change.thank you Tim

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Disengage the pakring brake.

What is the stock tire size for a 2001 Pontiac GTP?

its on a sticker on you drivers door.

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A few years ago, saw a site that said there were 4107 GTP & Special Editions made in 2001, but there was no way to know how many were GTP's or Special Editions.

Do you need any special tools to change the brakes on a 2000 Grand Prix GTP?

For a list of tools and step by step insructions check out the following website. Hope this helps. "G" The quick answer is no. I recently changed my brakes on my 2000 GTP and it does not require any special tools.

2001 Pontiac gtp when you are drivng there is a noise almost like grinding growling noise but if you turn the wheel to the left the noise almost goes away?

It sounds like your bearings. it sucks cause they are REALLY expencive to replace..

How do you replace ignition lock switch on 1997 grand prix gtp?

I had this problem on my 2001 gtp and i was forced to replace the entire shifter because there is a solenoid in there which tell the ignition to let go of the key when it is in park. when mine went out i could put it in park and shut it off but not be able to remove the key. Remove the screws from underneath the plastic cover that surrounds your steering column. Then look along the ignition cylinder you will see a spring loaded tab, push that in and the cylinder will pull out. Then push the new one in and replace the plastic cover.

How many hours does it take to replace a transmission in a 99 Ponitac grand prix gtp?

book pays 9.6

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There is no set number. Around 5-6lbs

How do you replace the turn signal bulb 1998 Pontiac grand prix GTP?

Hope this helps...I just replaced the right turn signal bulb on 2001 Pontiac GTP. Imagine it is very similar to yours. Inside the trunk, pull the carpet back. Then unscrew the fasteners that are behind the lighting mechanism. Then the whole lighting mechanism pulls out (from the outside of the car) and the turn signal bulb is the one on the end. Pull out the bulb and replace with a new one. Hope this helps you.

You have lost your supercharger belt for your grand prix gtp 1997 que question is should you just replace the belt or do you need to replace the supercharger if you decide not to replace or fix the be?

You don't have to replace the supercharger you will just have no performence power and bad gas milage, but you will not harm the supercharger. Same thing happen to me, year later I replaced my supercharger belt and supercharger was fine.....dont wait get it fixed dont hurt the GTP!!!!!

How do i replace the dual climate control valve for a 98 Pontiac grand prix gtp?

you cant its impossible nobody knows.

How do you replace the oxygen sensors on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

see if your local library has a manual for free d

Gas mileage Pontiac grand prix gtp 2001?

16 city, 25 hwy. will vary depending on the driver

What is gtp in economics?

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